"Rapyuta PA-AMR" can solve various challenges at picking sites

  • Improve productivity through autonomous guidance via AI
  • Easy operation reduces operator workload
  • Reduce walking distance by efficient path planning
  • Understand operational issues through visualization of operating data

Rapyuta PA-AMR is a state-of-the-art robotic solution with simple integration, improve productivity in picking operations, reduce workers’ workload, and help the labor shortage.

With the cloud robotics platform “rapyuta.io” and group control AI, multiple robots work together using optimal routes to transport packages.

Picking staff follow the robot’s instructions and perform picking tasks accurately and efficiently, freeing them from the hassle of pushing carts, thereby increasing productivity and improving the working environment at the same time.

Since the system enables parallel processing with normal picking, it supports relatively large fluctuations in material volume.

The system is effective for sites with six or more picking associates. A fixed monthly fee (RaaS) is available to reduce the initial investment. This can be implemented directly into existing warehouse layouts, that makes it a solution many people can consider!

Business impact from implementation

Unparalleled results and reliability

Rapyuta PA-AMR is used by a wide range of customers, including major Japanese 3PL operators such as Nittsu and SGL. Installation is very simple. There is no need to change the layout of the warehouse, and the system can be introduced without stopping the operation. AMR, a ready-to-use system, starts operation on the same day, just like a new warehouse associate.

Improving picking productivity

Rapyuta PA-AMR consists of our original software, group control AI, and made-in-Japan hardware, making it agile and responsive to your needs. Optimization and efficiency improvement by group control not only saves manpower and labor, but also reduces the burden of hiring and training new staff. Even during busy periods, only a small number of additional staff need to be hired, making staffing easier.

Data accumulation

Collecting and utilizing data is a major management challenge that can determine the future success of your business. Rapyuta PA-AMR visualizes data from warehouses, which tends to rely on heavy human interaction. By collecting data efficiently and ahead of competitors, Rapyuta PA-AMR enables you to differentiate your services and support your business growth.

Impact on the site

Easy-to-understand monitor display!

Minimizes picking errors. No need to search for products.

Greatly reduces human travel distance!

No need to carry anything, picking associates are hands free. Autonomously travels ahead to the next work area!

Operation staff have their hands free

Rapyuta PA- AMR controls carts (no more carrying products long distances)

Watch Rapyuta AMRs in action

Supported by many customers

Impact on the site

Industry-specific cases

From B2B parts centers that handle a variety of small items to warehouses with miscellaneous daily goods that are slightly larger in size or have a large number of items per pick, Rapyuta PA-AMR meet the needs of various industries.

Usage and main features

In addition to an overview of how to use Rapyuta PA-AMR, product specifications and system configuration diagrams, key features such as “Container Size Change,” “Order Split” and “Picker Guide System” are introduced.

Why productivity increases

Picking staff spends 50-60% of their day walking and searching for items. Rapyuta PA-AMR improves productivity by automating this “walking” so that the staff can just pick and place.

Implementation schedule and support system

No matter how good the vision or how good the robot looks, it is useless if it is not usable in the site.

We provide robotics and support for our customers to ensure that work efficiency is improved after the introduction of the robot in the facility.

Rapyuta PA-AMR timeline

Come see a live robot demonstration!

The Rapyuta PA-AMR is demonstrated at Rapyuta Robotics’ office. Shelves are arranged similar to a warehouse, allowing visitors to experience how picking is done.

1Presentation (introduction of our company and explanation of Rapyuta PA-AMR)30 min
2Rapyuta PA-AMR Demonstration (Explanation of Rapyuta PA-AMR and picking demo)30 min
3Q&A20 min

Accurate validation by simulator

When considering the introduction of the system, the simulator allows the expected effects of warehouse automation to be verified in advance. Using an actual on-site layout, the software used in the actual Rapyuta PA-AMR is executed in a virtual environment to achieve a high degree of institutional verification.

Sample simulation

Sample output