Press Kit

Resources for the media. Please contact us for other materials or if you have any further questions about our media assets.


Rapyuta Robotics horizontal logo

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Rapyuta Robotics Logo Vertical 800px

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CEO Gajan Mohanarajah

Gajan Mohanarajah, Co-founder and CEO

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Arudchelvan Krishnamoorthy, Co-founder and CFO

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Two robots with boxes

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Grey placeholder image

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Awards & Accolades


USD 2 mil. in subsidy for R&D under Connected Industries theme, 2020

Japan Post Group

Grand Prize, post logitech innovation program 2019


2nd place, OpenCV competition, a global competition with 230 participants

Tokyo Metro Government

USD 5 mil. in subsidy for R&D on multi – robot AI and simulation, 2020