Rapyuta PA-AMR XL

  • Supports up to 75L (20 gal) totes
  • Supports multiple tote sizes
  • Suitable for large items such as shoe boxes

Rapyuta PA-AMR XL model can hold up to two 75L (20 gal) size totes. The width of the robot can be adjusted according to the picking container you are using. XL model can be used for picking and transporting a wide variety of products. We especially recommend it for shoes, apparel, miscellaneous goods, etc.

Adjustable Cover

Touch Screen

Adjustable Cover

Barcode Scanner



4 x Indication LED lights

Bottom Tray

Top Tray

Product Information


Suitable Warehouse

Open front

  • The open front makes it easy to put the picked items in. Easy access even with large 75L (20 gal) containers which are widely used in the apparel industry. Shoe boxes are especially easy to stack.

  • The scanner and the touch screen are placed between the upper and lower sections, in a way that is easy for anyone to use.

  • The containers and the picked products are held in place and protected from falling by exterior covers and tilted trays.

  • The width of the covers is adjustable allowing various sizes of containers and totes to be used.

Expand Your Picking

Rapyuta PA-AMR XL can now handle larger items than before.
Please contact us if you are considering digital transformation at the site where you are picking large boxes.