Autonomous Forklift

Rapyuta AFL
  • Nighttime operation
  • Can be introduced to match existing operations
  • Fastest installation in the industry, flexible to layout changes
Rapyuta Robotics AFL - Autonomous Forklift
Rapyuta Robotics AFL - Autonomous Forklift

Rapyuta Autonomous Forklift uses the in-house developed robotics platform™, an AI technology to flexibly respond to complex warehouse operations. The advanced self-positioning technology ensures safety and can be flexibly introduced into existing warehouses without the need for reflectors or magnetic tapes. Rapyuta AFL supports nighttime operations, allowing for early return on investment.

Receiving and Shipping

Temporary storage areas on upper and lower floors. Transportation of cargo handled using vertical conveyors.


Belt conveyor shipping discharge in one-story buildings. Specialized transport to temporary shipping storage areas.

Storing and Picking

Rapyuta Robotics AFL - Autonomous Forklift

Main Features

Nighttime Operation

The system can be operated late at night, when it is difficult to secure staff, making it possible to realize an early return on investment.

Remote Monitoring Function

Various dashboards are available for productivity monitoring, floor map, status monitoring, and temporary storage management. These dashboards can be accessed remotely, allowing you to see the warehouse status in real time.

Location Correction

Even if the pallet is placed at an angle from the specified position, the pallet holes can be detected and the pallet picked.

Optimized Pallet Transportation

The pallet can be placed further away using a “double stacking” feature by inserting the fork twice when lowering it. When there is distance between the forklift’s stop position and the conveyor, this will prevent the pallet from falling and stabilizes conveyor transport.

Rapyuta Robotics AFL - Autonomous Forklift

Safety lights





Product Specifications


Compatible Deployment Environments

Autonomous Forklift
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Rapyuta AFL is currently available in Japan. For more information, please contact us.