How to Use / Major Features

How to Use

1. Rapyuta PA-AMR arrives

  • AMR arrives in front of the target item
  • You can work hands free

2. Pick the item

  • Pick the item and put it into the container

3. Move to the next location

  • AI tells you the shortest distance to find the next robot

Major features of Rapyuta PA-AMR

Based on the item size and order volume, container size is recommended.

10L container x 450L container x 2


Multi order picking for 4 orders can be handled.Multi order picking for 2 orders, or batch picking can be handled.
  • If one order does not fit into the container, order is automatically split into various containers.
  • Order split threshold such as weight and volume can be changed as you like.
  • Order line split is also possible.
  • Order split feature allows AMR to handle big size orders.

Order splitting

You can check the picking progress, AMRs device information, positions of all AMRs, and details of order information in one place. (Remote access is also possible)

Order Progress

Positions of All AMRs

Details of Order Information

Tablet mounted on AMR shows where to go next for the associates.

  • Picker guide shows the position of next AMR or position other AMR will come soon. No need to wander around.
  • keeps track of all AMRs’ movement and multi robot coordination AI shows the optimal routes.
  • Compared with zone picking, picker guide system offers higher productivity.

Note: You can use zone picking, if you wish.

During picking, various incidents happen such as item is missing or damaged.

Rapyuta PA-AMR has a robust error-handling process based on many user feedback. At the unloading point, you get notification if the container had a missing item and you can decide to keep the container until the missing item is collected or proceed with the available items, based on the warehouse policy or the situation.

Error handling during picking operation

Notification at unloading point

Print out the documents required such as the packing list for inspection or the shipping label based on the request by the consignee.

Shipping Label

Shipping label

During the busy season, you can run manual picking and AMR picking in parallel to increase the throughput.

Average time: AMR picking


Busy Time 1: Increase the number of associates who works with AMRs


Busy Time 2: Run manual picking in parallel


Safety is most important as AMRs work with people. Rapyuta PA-AMR has various sensors and emergency stop to ensure safety on all aspects.

  1. LiDAR sensor (front and back)
  2. 3D camera x 2
  3. Emergency stop x 2


For urgent orders, you can manually set the highest priority so that AMRs run to pick those orders first.

Touch Screen

Barcode Scanner



4 x Indication LED Lights

Patented retractable tray

Top Tray

Product Specs

Basic information

Suitable warehouse

Rapyuta PA-AMR in Detail

Easy Operation

Easily scan items with the rotatable barcode scanner and confirm the picked items using the touch screen. System can connect to edge PCs via WiFi and work with WMS.

LED Lights and Safety

Errors, charging status, etc. are indicated by LED lights. There are two emergency stop buttons on the top and bottom, allowing one to easily stop the robot.

Adjustable Tray

The height of the top tray can be adjusted and it is also removable. Size of the tray can also be customized.

Silent by Design

Both the driving and caster wheels are AGV wheels. The motor and suspension have also been adjusted, making movement smooth and quiet.

High Precision Localization and 3D Obstacle Avoidance

Localization with an accuracy of 10-15 cm. Two 3D cameras working in tandem for obstacle avoidance.

RFID Compatible (Option)

No need to read barcodes thus making picking easier. Can also be linked with other RFID devices.

System Design

If you handle large items, please check our XL model which can handle 75L containers!

Come see a live robot demonstration!

The Rapyuta PA-AMR is demonstrated at Rapyuta Robotics’ office. Shelves are arranged similar to a warehouse, allowing visitors to experience how picking is done.

1Presentation (introduction of our company and explanation of Rapyuta PA-AMR)30 min
2Rapyuta PA-AMR Demonstration (Explanation of Rapyuta PA-AMR and picking demo)30 min
3Q&A20 min

Accurate validation by simulator

When considering the introduction of the system, the simulator allows the expected effects of warehouse automation to be verified in advance. Using an actual on-site layout, the software used in the actual Rapyuta PA-AMR is executed in a virtual environment to achieve a high degree of institutional verification.

Sample simulation

Sample output