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What I can do with my warehouse?


I would like to know about implementation examples of Rapyuta products.


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What is Rapyuta Robotics' free individual consultation?

For those who want to improve productivity and reduce labor costs in warehouses and factory operations, we offer 60-minute online consultations to help customers understand their needs. We provide you with useful information tailored to your concerns.

Our representatives explain the following topics, and we also provide information on topics you would like to hear about. Please feel free to contact us.

  • Initiatives regarding the functions, features, specifications, and safety measures of Rapyuta Robotics products
  • The kinds of warehouses issues it is suitable for solving?
  • Introduction example

Great way to collect information before introducing logistics robots, compare with other logistics DX solutions, and to collect information on general automation of warehouse operations.

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Product Introduction

Pick Assist Robot

Rapyuta PA-AMR / PA-AMR XL

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Autonomous Forklift

Rapyuta AFL

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Automated Warehouse

Rapyuta ASRS

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Disclaimer: We may decline applications from companies in the same industry or from companies that are competitors.