Platform for cloud connected robots

Our Core Purpose is “Empowering Lives With Connected Machines” and rapyuta.io is in the center of it.


Our robots are powered by rapyuta.io which is the world’s first all-in-one DevOps platform for cloud connected robots. Empower your robotics team now!

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DevOps Tooling for your Cloud Connected Robots

End-to-end tooling based on industry standards covering from continuous integration and deployment of your robotics application to remote management of your physical robot fleet, enable you to keep your operations lean and scale faster.

Command-line Tooling

A comprehensive command-line interface to build and deploy software to your robot fleets or the cloud and observe your distributed resources without leaving the comfort of your terminal.

State-of-the-Art Software Stack for Your AMR Solutions

This hardware agnostic full-stack software covering from localization and motion planning for individual robots to task assignment and route planning for multi-robot systems is your future proof foundation for your AMR solution and lets you focus on your customer and bigger problems.

Feature Spotlight: AMR Dashboard

A browser-based ubiquitous dashboard that enables you to configure your site, monitor your AMR fleet, and if necessary, even intervene and control.

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