Making Robots
More Accessible

With the power of software, we push the boundaries to make robotics more accessible: flexible and self-serviced robots that are shared and have open interfaces.

Our Core Purpose:

Empowering Lives With Connected Machines

Based on our core value of empathy we strongly believe that the dirty, dull, and dangerous work should be automated and people should be given an option to take up more intellectually challenging and creative work. We want to enable this automation with machines that are connected and coordinated in a streamlined manner.




佐川グローバルロジスティクス 堺SRC




PA-AMR demo

Do you want to build together?

Build, deliver, monitor, and scale your robotics applications on top of a state-of-the-art platform.

Trusted By

NEX Nippon Express

Awards & Accolades


USD 2 mil. in subsidy for R&D under Connected Industries theme, 2020

Japan Post Group

Grand Prize, post logitech innovation program 2019


2nd place, OpenCV competition, a global competition with 230 participants

Tokyo Metro Government

USD 5 mil. in subsidy for R&D on multi – robot AI and simulation, 2020

We’re Hiring!

We automate “3D” jobs, “Dirty”, “Dangerous”, “Difficult” and will create a society where people can challenge themselves with more creative work. Join our team of people from over 20 countries!


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