Our value proposition

Do you develop robotics hardware?

  • Get autonomous capabilities for your robots
  • Remote maintenance of robots leading to better operational efficiencies
  • Get consulting and professional services to accelerate your product development
  • Reach out to a wider set of software developers and robotics solution providers.

rapyuta.io saved us significant amount of software infrastructure work and we are excited about the new sales channels that are opening up in Japan

Do you develop software?

  • Out-of-the-box services to develop and deploy distributed software
  • Focus on your expertise, we abstract the complexities of robots, cloud and everything in between
  • Reach out to a wider set of robotics hardware developers and solution providers.

We are excited to work with RR to bring our expertise of scientific computing to robotics

Do you provide robotics solutions?

  • Cater to all the diverse needs of your clients
  • Reduce the integration costs for your solutions
  • Partner with us to accelerate solution fit to the market needs
  • Stop creating everything from scratch. Leverage the ecosystem

You're in good company

Rapyuta Robotics is a spinoff from RoboEarth, the first world-wide-web for robots
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Rapyuta Robotics is an official spinoff from ETH Zurich
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