Empowering Lives With Connected Machines

We envision a world with highly autonomous machines connected and coordinated in a streamlined way automating a significant portion of the dirty, dull, and dangerous work.

Mission: Our Core Purpose: Empowering Lives with Connected Machines

Our Core Purpose:

Empowering Lives With Connected Machines

Based on our core value of empathy we strongly believe that the dirty, dull, and dangerous work should be automated and people should be given an option to take up more intellectually challenging and creative work. We want to enable this automation with machines that are connected and coordinated in a streamlined manner.

Our Core Values

Core Values are a handful guiding principles we use when making all decisions including the ones on people, processes, and products.



We walk the extra mile to better understand the material, emotional, and intellectual needs and pain of our customers, colleagues, and communities.



We make sure all our data, decisions, and work are transparent. We actively seek out to include diverse points of view and collaborate to produce better results.

First Principles


We break things down to its fundamental truths and reason up from there to build optimal and authentic solutions.



With a holistic understanding and attention to detail, we reduce and organize to keep things accessible and nimble.



We are committed to our core purpose of empowering lives with connected machines. We keep learning to get better at what we do and give each other the autonomy to operate.



We take big and calculated risks without agonizing and create an environment that is safe to fail. We speak up when things are inconsistent with our core values.

Board of Directors

Gajan Mohanarajah

Co-founder and CEO

Conceptualized and developed Rapyuta, for RoboEarth, an EU funded project that pioneered an internet for robots. Led the Cubli project in 2013, recording more than 10 million views on YouTube. Ph.D. from ETH Zurich in 2014 and M.Eng/B.Eng from Tokyo Institute of Technology. A.Eng from Kurume National College of Technology, Japan.

Arudchelvan Krishnamoorthy

Co-founder and CFO

Former founding Partner & CIO at Fund of Tokyo, a global macro hedge fund. Worked for Nomura Securities, as an equity derivatives analyst. M.A. from Columbia Univ. and B.Eng. from Tokyo Institute of Technology.

Yuji Hirokawa

External Director

President & Representative Director at SecureWorks Japan K.K. Former President and Representative Director of Red Hat K.K, Japan. Other prior positions include Executive Director, International Sales, Hitachi and Director & Executive Officer of Sales, Sun Microsystems.

Taichi Kato

External Director

Taichi is a venture capitalist from SBI Investment who has supported us from the very beginning with a mission to put Rapyuta Robotics to the world’s centre stage.

Company Profile

Rapyuta Robotics Co. Ltd.

Co-founder and CEO: Gajan Mohanarajah
Co-founder and CFO: Arudchelvan Krishnamoorthy

External Director: Yuji Hirokawa
External Director: Taichi Kato

Establishment: 2014-07-02

Number of Employees: 200+ (2024)

Office Locations

rapyuta robotics - office locations
rapyuta robotics - office locations


Tokyo Hirano Office

4-10-5, Hirano,
Koto-Ku, Tokyo,
Japan, 135-0023


Tokyo Kiba Office

Tokyo Parkside Building 7F, 11F
5-8-40, Kiba,
Koto-Ku, Tokyo,
Japan 135-0042


Osaka Office

Higashi Nodamachi 4-15-82,
Miyakojima-Ku, Osaka
Japan 534-0024


Bengaluru Office

#1263, HMT Layout,
2nd Cross, 6th Block, Nagasandra,
Bengaluru 560073, India


Chicago Office

935 National Parkway,
Suite 935-45,
Schaumburg, Illinois 60173



Building an Internet
for Robots

Hear what our Co-founder & CEO, Gajan Mohanarajah, PhD envisions for the future of cloud connected robots.

Company History


Meeting in Japan

Our co-founders Arul and Gajan, originally from Sri Lanka, shared the same apartment during their undergraduate studies at Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan.


Internet for Robots

Our founding members worked on the RoboEarth project, an EU funded project that pioneered an internet for robots.The open source cloud robotics platform developed for this project was called ‘Rapyuta’.

History photo 3


Launching Rapyuta Robotics

Our first engineering development kicked off in Zurich, Switzerland, where the initial members came from ETH Zurich, our Alma mater. The business side of things kicked off in Tokyo, Japan, our parent company.


To India, for Talent

In search of more talent in software engineering, we opened an office in Bengaluru – the Silicon Valley of India.

History photo drone


Adventure with Drones

As part of our platform launching strategy, we built an in-house drone solution. Things did not fly as expected due to challenges in market readiness.


Pivot to Logistics

We pivoted our inhouse solution to logistics and completed the pilot for a pick-assist solution with Nippon Express, one of Japan’s top 3PL companies.