Rapyuta Robotics closed a strategic funding round from Monoful Inc. (group company of GLP Japan)



Rapyuta Robotics Co., Ltd. (“Rapyuta Robotics”) (Chuo-Ku, Tokyo, CEO: Gajan Mohanarajah) which offers rapyuta.io, the world’s first cloud robotics platform, has established a business partnership and raised funding from Monoful Inc. (“Monoful”), a leading provider of logistics solutions. Monoful — a subsidiary of GLP Japan — is the lead investor of the funding round. In addition, Rapyuta Robotics has established a business partnership with +Automation Inc. (“+A”) which provides RaaS (Robot as a Service) for logistics facilities’ automation to expand the reach of robotics services.

The cloud robotics platform rapyuta.io enables various multi-robot solution developments such as multi-robot coordination and route planning. Rapyuta Robotics has been developing a Picking Assistant AMR(Autonomous Mobile Robot) for logistics warehouses, utilizing rapyuta.io. By combining the extensive logistics industry know-how as well as the user-base of Monoful and +A, the partnership allows Rapyuta Robotics to offer a subscription-based service, making robotics more accessible to a wider range of enterprises.

In the long term, Rapyuta Robotics aims to offer subscription services with forklifts, arms, AGVs (Automated Guided Vehicle), and various other types of robots. In addition to multi-robot coordination, rapyuta.io supports ROI simulation of robots to understand the potential return from the robotics solution and remote maintenance features such as software updates, bringing operational efficiency and simplicity to the planning and deployment of robotic solutions.

At Rapyuta Robotics, we believe that robots will coexist and work alongside human workers, and bring about a new style of working and create new opportunities for human endeavors.

Rapyuta Robotics Co., Ltd. is a global technology company that provides scalable, cloud-based automation solutions. Our cloud robotics platform “rapyuta.io” enables large enterprises to centrally manage different kinds of robots and sensors, without having to control them individually. A university spin-off from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH Zurich), we are using state-of-the-art controls research and AI technology to build Japan’s next-generation cloud robotics platform.

■ About Rapyuta Robotics Co., Ltd.
Corporate Name: Rapyuta Robotics Co., Ltd.
Head Office: 1–29–13–8F Shinkawa, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104–0033 Japan
Representative: Gajan Mohanarajah, CEO and Co-founder
Founded: July 2014
Web site: https://www.rapyuta-robotics.com/

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■ About GLP Japan (http://www.glprop.co.jp)
GLP is the market leader and pioneer of modern logistics facilities in Japan and has been operating in the market since 2002. GLP Japan currently owns and manages a 5.6 million square meter portfolio mainly concentrated in Greater Tokyo and Greater Osaka. With the establishment of GLP JDP III, GLP Japan will manage over US$18 billion AUM across four private equity funds and GLP J-REIT (3281:TSE).

■ About Monoful (https://monoful.co.jp/)
GLP is creating a network of strategic partners to provide comprehensive services and solutions to help customers become more efficient and competitive in a changing logistics ecosystem.
In 2018, GLP Japan established a subsidiary named Monoful, which develops more technology-led solutions for customers and creates a smart logistics ecosystem around GLP’s vast infrastructure network by leverage synergies between technology ecosystem and real estate investments.

■ About +Automation (https://plus-automation.com)
+Automation (plus automation) is a jointly established company by Mitsui & Co., Ltd., one of the largest trading and investment companies in the world, and GLP Japan, the market leader and pioneer of modern logistics facilities in Japan, in 2019.The venture offers a RaaS (Robot-as-a-Service) for logistics companies to help enable more efficient operations through its subscription based services.


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