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A series of blogs introducing the “culture and six core values” cherished by everyone who works at Rapyuta. #5

Date: 31 Oct 2022
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Culture series – vol. 5
All-hands Meeting and Company Meetup

■ Monthly company-wide All-hands Meeting
Rapyuta Robotics holds a monthly All-hands meeting where all employees participate, which embodies one of our six core values–Openness. The latest engineering developments and business status are shared with all members in all departments. These meetings enable us to clarify our targets and objectives for the future and accelerate business development. Each person can understand how their contribution affects their squad and their squad’s success leads to achieving company-wide goals.

A valuable part of the meeting is the “Open Mic.” This is a time for sharing new initiatives and knowledge internally, to facilitate the exchange of useful information and the accumulation of know-how among employees. It’s not only a top-down initiative from veterans, but junior members are also eager to speak up. We are inspired by each other, leading to further collaboration and respect for diversity.

In addition to business and technical updates, the All-hands has a dedicated section to highlight employee’s milestones at Rapyuta. Each month, the Tokyo and Bengaluru offices recognize new members and work anniversaries. For work anniversaries, not only do the employees give speeches, but special congratulatory messages are also sent from their managers and fellow squad members. Many employees look forward to hearing engaging stories and lessons learned from the past.

Next is the Company Meetup
After the monthly All-hands meeting, we hold an in-house party called a “Company Meetup” to provide new opportunities for cross-squad interaction. We cater a great food and beverage menu to ensure that all members have a good time. We decorate the venue and cuisine to create a cozy and comfortable atmosphere.
(This month’s theme was a Halloween party and the families of our employees were invited.)

In the future, we are considering seasonal events that display Japanese culture or represent other countries’ cultures and present new and exciting meal offerings. With increasing the number of cross-cultural experiences by introducing the traditions and cuisine of their home country, we hope to further enrich the fellowship of our employees.

■ Feedback from our Employees
After each monthly All-hands meeting, we conduct a survey to learn what went well and where there is room for improvement. To make the sessions more interactive, we engage with the content of the presentations and have recently introduced a voting system in which everyone participates live. Last month, to make all employees aware of the costs involved in running the company, we utilized selective voting on which expenses cost the most money, top priorities for business policies, etc. The voting results were graphed in real time, we have received positive feedback from employees, saying that it has an impact and is easy to understand.

Company meetups are also popular. We have received comments such as: “It’s great to be able to interact with so many employees face-to-face once a month”, “Communication with members who don’t normally work together is valuable”, and “It’s fun to hear interesting stories from people of different nationalities as we are multinational”. We will continue to provide opportunities for many employees to collaborate and work on revitalizing our internal community!

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