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A series of blogs introducing the “culture and six core values” cherished by everyone who works at Rapyuta. #4

Date: 14 Oct 2022
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Culture series – vol. 4
Ranked No.2 on LinkedIn Top Startups 2022 for the second year in a row!
What is Rapyuta’s recruitment process, which enabled us to achieve a 50% increase in employees over the previous year?

Rapyuta Robotics has accomplished second place in the LinkedIn Top Startups 2022 ranking, we achieved this two years in a row! The ranking is based on four factors, focusing on growth in the number of employees, which has increased by almost 50 % over the previous year to approximately 170 (including the BLR office). We aim to expand our number of employees to 200 by the end of the current fiscal year.
As a reminder, the rate of workforce change in the information and communications industry from July 2021 to July 2022 is “12%”*², which means that our growth rate is approximately four times the industry level.

In the fourth volume of our culture blog, we interviewed “three recruiters” who highly contributed to the great hiring record. Topics of discussion were Rapyuta’s hiring process and things they look for during the interview stages.

*: (1) growth in the number of employees, (2) interest in the company and its employees, (3) interest in job offers, (4) ability to attract top talent*2 Labour Force Survey_July 2022 (Statistics Bureau, Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications).

Meet our recruiters
Rapyuta Robotics’ Tokyo office has three recruiters who are actively engaged in finding and recruiting talent for organizational expansion and business promotion. Mr. Yasuhiro Kawakami is responsible for business and corporate members, and Ms. Shankari Sree and Ms. Saori Tadokoro are looking for global engineers. (Photo: left to right)

1. What is Rapyuta’s recruitment process?
(Yasuhiro) In the business & corporate department, the number of interviews and interviewers depends on the position and years of experience. The number of interviews is approximately three at the junior level (two Managers and Divisional General Manager/ CFO) and four at the manager level (three Managers and CEO/ CFO). The average interview duration is between three weeks and one month but can be flexibly adjusted to each candidate’s schedule.

(Shankari) In the engineering department, middle-level members will take four interviews ((1) screening, (2) two technical interviews, and (3) CEO), while senior-level members will be required for five interviews ((1) + three technical interviews + (3)). Additionally, engineers in squads consisting mainly of overseas members must have a high level of communication skills in English.

2. What is the atmosphere during interviews?
(Shankari) It depends on the type of interview, but during the technical interview, we check the candidate’s technical skills in great detail. During the initial screening and final interview, we aim for a casual atmosphere and look at the candidate’s soft skills and whether they match Rapyuta’s culture. For your reference, we do not have a dress code for interviews and encourage you to dress comfortably in your relaxed attire.

(Yasuhiro) In the business and corporate departments, there is no specific dress code for interviews either, but many people wear office casual. Interviews are conducted on the premise that both sides are equals, and each candidate is hired based on where they can best excel and what they can contribute through the organization Rapyuta, as well as those whom we would like to work with.

3. What are the backgrounds of applicants to Rapyuta?
(Saori) I have the impression that many of our Japanese engineers came from large-scale companies and are highly experienced. Some have a passion for contributing to society and people through the products they develop, while others have held management positions at large companies and wish to pursue development once more. 

(Yasuhiro) In the business and corporate departments, we mainly look at people who are familiar with the logistics industry, have experience in project management, or have been in charge of sales in manufacturing. As a global company, we also see many employees who do not have much resistance to English or want to improve their English language skills for the future.

(Shankari) Many of our global engineers have had experience at world-renowned universities and prestigious companies. The robotics field is new, very complex, and challenging, so you need to have a continuous learning mindset and a high level of problem-solving skills. As an aside, many candidates are interested in Japanese culture.

4. Who will be an ideal candidate for Rapyuta in terms of our core values? 
(Saori) Of the six core values, I focus on ‘Drive’ in my recruitment activities. As Rapyuta is a start-up, there are areas where processes and environment are not well organized, so I believe that candidates who can take initiative and engage others in the activities will perform well. At the interview, we’re pleased to hear your story of how you overcame the challenges in the past and your approaches and attitude towards solving them. 

(Shankari) I set ‘Openness’ as the most important factor in my decision-making process. I feel that the ideal candidate for any position is someone who remains honest and can ensure transparency in all aspects of the company (information, communication, etc.). I also think that someone flexible and adaptable enough to keep up with the speed of a start-up (development cycle, business expansion) would be a perfect fit.

5. What is the culture of Rapyuta?
(Yasuhiro) Rapyuta is a global company, yet it does not have the individualistic stance of foreign companies, and there is also an atmosphere that values the harmony of a Japanese company, which creates a well-balanced work environment. I am personally fond of the fact that we have an inclusive atmosphere where diverse opinions are respected.

(Shankari) The accessibility to management is also a unique feature of the company. Not only my direct supervisor, but also the CEO and CFO are very approachable and listen to us, and sometimes provide us with advice as well. The founders have taken the initiative in demonstrating this, and it has had a positive impact on the other members.

(Saori) In my experience, I had heard that Rapyuta was an open and flat organization before I joined, but in reality, individuals have more flexibility than I had imagined in terms of decision-making or promoting the process. I am also very grateful that many employees value empathy and are willing to help when I have difficulties.

6. Message for future candidates! 
(Shankari) Rapyuta is one of the greatest places to work! If you are interested in cutting-edge technology and aspire to career advancement, we would love to hear from you. Rapyuta has a fair evaluation system for your efforts and achievements. 

(Saori) Rapyuta Robotics has a clear vision and solid technical capabilities, and we are looking for people who are willing to take on unprecedented challenges! Let’s grow together in this exciting environment. 

(Yasuhiro) We welcome people who can think in reverse and take appropriate action on what needs to be done to maximize the squad’s outcomes. If you are at all interested in our philosophy and business, time to apply! 

Please feel free to contact us if you would like to have a casual chat with recruiters or discuss which position might be a good fit for you before you apply! 
Rapyuta Robotics recruitment Email:

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