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A series of blogs introducing the “culture and six core values” cherished by everyone who works at Rapyuta. #1

Date: 08 Jun 2022
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Culture series – vol. 1
Gina’s Lounge
Rapyuta Robotics officially introduced the cafeteria in the Kiba office that offers diverse food with great respect for religion or culture.

■ Background of Gina’s Lounge
Nowadays, companies globally are implementing initiatives to achieve the SDGs, and talent strategies are beginning to be placed at the heart of management with the aim of strengthening the company’s technological capabilities and competitiveness.

In addition, diversity management, which provides opportunities for everyone to fulfill their greatest potential, is becoming significantly important. This has led to an increase in the number of companies actively hiring international employees, and an environment where people from different cultures and perspectives are interacting with one another.

Rapyuta Robotics recruits experts in their respective fields from all over the world. The office currently employs approximately 170 people from more than 20 different nationalities and is committed to creating a flat organizational culture where everyone can demonstrate their individuality.

Through the cafeteria, we hope that there will be more understanding of mutual food culture and values, as well as more active communication.

Origin of the company cafeteria “Gina’s Lounge”
The name “Gina’s Lounge” was determined by some members including CEO Gajan, based on a scene from the Ghibli film “Porco Rosso”. In the film, pilots from all over the world gathered at the restaurant run by Madame Gina, where lively communication took place through cuisine. Our cafeteria was also named to foster diverse values and be a place where innovations are born. In addition, the daily lunch menu is mainly Japanese cuisine, but also takes into account religious dietary restrictions, such as vegetarian options. This allows all employees to easily gather and spend their lunch time together, while also providing an opportunity for our multinational employees to learn about Japanese food culture and promote healthy eating habits amongst our employees.

<Lunch menu example>
Main meat: Roast chicken with Korean sauce
Main fish: Mackerel with Japanese soy sauce
Main (vegetarian): Veggie meatballs
Main (Vegetarian): Stir-fried vegetables with black vinegar sauce
Side: Aubergine and paprika salad Korean Style
Salad: Green salad
Rice: Rice
Soup: Chinese soup with tofu and lettuce

社員食堂「Gina’s Lounge」の導入に至った背景
社員食堂「Gina’s Lounge」の導入に至った背景

■ Culture of Rapyuta Robotics
Rapyuta Robotics strives to verbalize and visualize its culture so that all employees are aware of our core purpose and always act in the best way to achieve common goals. Specifically, we started by illustrating our core values so that all employees can understand and recognize them more easily.

We also believe that all employees must be aware of how Rapyuta Robotics as a company is doing so we conduct a company wide monthly “All-hands meeting” where employees have a deep understanding of our six core values as well as creates a forum for discussions and more indepth knowledge of the people, product and business.

In the new field of robotics, it is vital to take unprecedented challenges. For this reason, we are committed to creating a fearless environment (an environment in which people are supported and encouraged to try again even if they fail) so that all our employees can take on challenges on their initiative. Challenges always come with responsibilities, but this allows our employees to learn, develop their leadership skills, and polish their expertise.

As members of the company share these values, mutual understanding and smooth communication can be achieved, and an open and flat organization is maintained. We will continue to respect diversity while creating positive chemistry and leading innovation in the field of robotics.

We are actively hiring!

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