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Rapyuta’s New Command Line Interface (CLI)

Date: 08 Dec 2021
Category: engineering

To provide a developer-friendly experience Rapyuta now offers a powerful command-line interface in addition to the existing Web UI. 

Why CLI ?

  • CLI is aware of the shell context. For example, it automatically imports Secrets like docker registry settings and GitHub credentials from your shell environment.
  • CLI allows you to write simple scripts to automate mundane tasks. For example:
    • CLIs additional benefit of context helps to automatically import secrets using the command:
      • rio secret import docker
    • CLIs help avoid the multi steps process of importing builds. It can be automatically imported using the command:
      • rio build import docker
    • CLI can also stream logs that the users can analyse using the various command line utilities.

Note: For advanced use cases, Rapyuta offers SDKs for scripting purposes.

Getting Started with CLI

You can easily get started with Rapyuta’s CLI by running a couple of commands to install and authenticate. 

Installation – Rapyuta-io-cli is distributed through Pypi and it can be installed by running the command: 

pip3 install rapyuta-io-cli

Authentication  – Login, and start using rio by running the command:

rio auth login

Now you’re all set to go. Simple isn’t it?

Checkout the Asciinema to view a few exciting operations performed using the CLI:

  • Getting started with the CLI.
  • Working with secrets,
  • Onboarding and performing operations on your device.
  • Working with live logs from build, deployments and devices.

To explore our CLI, click here!

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