A Safari into the KubeVerse 

Dhanajay Sathe giving his talk at Kubernetes Forum Bangalore

As part of our knowledge-sharing initiatives, our Staff Engineer Dhananjay Sathe gave a talk at Kubernetes Forum, Bangalore, India. With his own style of humor interspersed with enlightening facts, he took the audience on a Safari, literally!

He introduced this simple-looking command —

kubectl run nginx — image=nginx — replicas=3

and then explained which all components get triggered and what happens behind the scenes.

If you are a Kubernetes practitioner, the video of his talk will help you demystify the basic workings of kubernetes by following the common kubectl command as it traverses the kubernetes stack by gently introducing concepts like the API server, admission control, initializers, the GVK, objects, controllers, informers.

Key Takeaways: Deeper appreciation and understanding of core fundamentals, pointers to resources to learn more and avoid common pitfalls.

This helps new users build confidence in the system, making it clearer about what kubernetes is meant to do and what it isn’t making you will feel much more at home in the KubeVerse.

We hope you enjoyed this talk and we would love to hear about more applications from you in the comments.

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