Rapyuta Robotics and Microsoft Japan to collaborate on development of Cloud Robotics platform…

Press release
May 27 2019
Rapyuta Robotics Co., Ltd.
Microsoft Japan Co., Ltd.

Rapyuta Robotics Co., Ltd. (Head office: Chuo, Tokyo, Co-founder and CEO: Gajan Mohanarajah) and Microsoft Japan Co., Ltd. (Head office: Minato, Tokyo, President: Takuya Hirano) announce that they are that two parties will collaborate in promoting Rapyuta Robotics’ Cloud Robotics platform, rapyuta.io.

“rapyuta.io” is the world’s first enterprise-class Cloud Robotics platform and currently runs on Microsoft Azure. rapyuta.io focuses on removing all the complexities and inefficiencies and makes it intuitive and easy to build and manage robotic solutions. rapyuta.io eliminates the need to create every component from scratch, thus enabling robotics solution providers to completely focus on the business needs of the end users.

Microsoft with its enterprise cloud market knowledge and ecosystem will help accelerate the development of the Cloud Robotics platform rapuyta.io. By helping to build flexible and scalable robotics solutions, rapyuta.io aspires to increase the labor efficiencies and the quality of work environment with solutions that enable a collaborative environment, where robots work alongside humans. Both the companies will also explore the opportunities in robotics automation outside the logistics domain trying to address the labor shortage problems in Japan.

Rapyuta Robotics and Microsoft Japan will initially focus their partnership initiatives in the following areas:

1. Technical cooperation:
Microsoft Japan with all its infrastructure and AI know-hows will actively collaborate with the Rapyuta Robotics in furthering the use cases for robotics. With Rapyuta bringing in the robotics know how, both the companies strongly believe that leveraging each other’s strength will certainly help serve the needs of the customers much better.

2. Solution development:
Both the companies will develop packed solutions combining rapyuta.io, warehouse mobile robots and robotic arms powered by rapyuta.io, and services provided by Microsoft and its partners including but not limited to Azure AI, Visual Studio Online, and GitHub. Collaboration with Microsoft Japan’s partners in the Enterprise Logistics domain will be explored. An integration with Nihon Unisys’ IoT Business Platform, as a business expansion activity, is also on the plan.

3. Overseas market development:
Rapyuta Robotics will leverage the global presence of Microsoft and its thriving ecosystem to expand the outreach of its cloud robotics platform rapyuta.io. Rapyuta Robotics aspires to create and enable a robotics market network involving all the different robotics ecosystem players and strongly believes that Microsoft has a very important role to play to help achieve this goal.

For more information, press only:

Rapyuta Robotics Co., Ltd.
Email: info@rapyuta-robotics.com

Microsoft Japan Co., Ltd. Corporate Communication Division Ishii
Phone: 03–4535–8055 (Division), Email: mskkpr@microsoft.com

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