Imagine machines capable of gathering information from their environment and sharing this information with their peers over the cloud — machines that learn from one another and physically interact with the world. They will share our workspace, they will work tirelessly in the background, they will improve our efficiency, and assist us in ways we can only begin to imagine. It may sound like science fiction, but we at Rapyuta Robotics don’t think so. This future is within reach and made possible using many of the technologies that exist today. Our vision is of a future where machines flourish with limitless possibilities.

What are we bringing in?

Rapyuta Robotics' initial technical team comes from the Institute for Dynamic Systems and Control (IDSC), ETH Zurich and from the RoboEarth project. The team has experience in

  • building unique robots that are pushed to their physical limits with cutting-edge control and machine learning techniques
  • architecting cloud robotic frameworks that allow robots to offload their computation and learn from each others’ experiences
  • coordinating homogeneous and heterogeneous robotic systems

Where are we going to start?

We are starting with a vertical approach and are aiming at building multi-robotic systems for the security market, a market that is significantly suffering from the lack of human resources and employee turnover and a market that includes tasks that are immune to regulations since they are done inside private properties and done at night. We are eyeing inspection as the next step. And we won’t stop there.


Together not only means multi-robot systems for us. We strongly believe that to reach our vision we need to join hands with a lot of other folks from the businesses side to develop use cases, government agencies to work on regulations, the research community to push the boundaries of science and the open source community to keep developing a lot of awesome tools (we will contribute back!). We are always open for exploring new ideas and collaborations.

Exciting times!

Team Rapyuta