Rapyuta Robotics gets a new Bangalore office!

Author: Chinju Ann Chacko (People Operations at Rapyuta Robotics)

At the start of the year, we were quite happy with our cozy space on 100ft road Indiranagar but at the rate we were hiring, it was getting cramped and people were almost falling out of the windows. Something had to be done! (btw, we are still hiring)

We knew one thing, we were not going to leave Indiranagar. Due to the employee comfort and proximity of course, options were limited. Meanwhile, people were bumping into each other and time was running out.

You may wonder what we wanted. Looking for an office that is spacious, bright, colorful, and has all amenities was a task much tougher than we expected it to be. Also, we did not have the luxury of an unlimited budget and it had to pass through the ever calculating eyes of our Finance guy Nagaraj. 

So Nagaraj and I were joined by our old realtor Kavitha to look for commercial spaces in the nearby area. The optimism in our eyes was soon gone as place after place did not satisfy our criteria. It was exhausting and a lot of our sweat and blood was shed on the streets of Indiranagar. (ok…not blood)

Just as we were losing hope, Nagaraj & I visited a commercial bare shell on the 12th main road above Third wave coffee roasters. And voila! This is what we were looking for, along with the requirements we had in mind, this place had a good view of greenery, amazing eateries, cafes and pubs. And in our budget. We locked it down immediately! 

We wanted an environment that abides by our values.i.e Empathy, Openness, First Principles, Simplicity, Drive, Fearlessness.  Also, a place where Rapyutans can feel at their best and which inculcates a culture of excitement, energy, and freshness! The brief was well captured by our interior designer and the look on paper was charming. We couldn’t wait for it to come alive. After a couple of months of hair loss and iterations, the office was ready with the modern look and the larger space gave us plenty of room for the existing Rapyutans and take on more people to expand. In September 2020, we officially opened up the new Rapyuta Robotics Bangalore office. 

Here are some pics of how we turned this space around. Sweet, isn’t it?

Can we play badminton here?

Stressed Nagaraj calculating the expenses

Taking Shape


Greenery and Sunshine!

For the meeting moments when you fondly want to look outside

Engineer’s Enclave

Finally we have a cafeteria!

Find us over Third Wave’s Coffee and Potbelly food

Since this post has been written by a People Operations person, I would again mention that we are hiring and looking forward to many more amazing folks to join and fill this space up!

See you soon over a coffee. Literally!

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