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Meet Ms. Tanaka. She walks more than 10 km a day on hard concrete flooring. The work you do at Rapyuta can significantly reduce her physical workload and let her focus on work that creates better value. Does this excite you?
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Rapyuta is for the driven, fearless, and first-principle problem solvers

We are building a platform to make robots more attainable and useful to anyone. This is like building the android OS in the 90s. The work we do help our customers empathize and deliver the best solutions to their customers. We’re solving real business problems and creating a tangible impact on our customers’ bottom-line. Given the novelty of the domain, and the bold platform play, if you are a driven, fearless, and first principles problem solver, we think you will love it here. If this is you and you want to build a career somewhere you can make a real impact, start a conversation with us.

We are Rapyutans!

We are the pioneers when it comes to building a platform for robotics. We are an ETH Zurich spinoff, around 80 people from more than 10 different countries. With more than USD 30 mil. in funding and with some of the largest Japanese companies as pioneering clients, we trailblaze a new era where robots more attainable and useful. Learn More about Rapyuta Here

Live your best life - at work and outside

We strive to create an environment that is open - inclusive and transparent and safe - for taking risks and being you! We work hard and relatively a bit long to make a dent in the universe, but we make sure we have time for our families, friends, and lives outside the office. With a diverse set of professionals ranging from mechanical engineering to machine learning, culture from more than 15 countries, and robots from AMRs to Arms, there is always something to learn and to be amazed!

Our Locations

Purpose-driven work at two exotic locations: Tokyo - a city that dazzles with its traditional culture and passion for everything new and Bengaluru - one of India's most progressive cities, blessed with a benevolent climate and great minds from all over the country.


At Rapyuta, we are dedicated to cultivating a culture of empathy and openness and pushing for high standards.

We always want to improve our hiring practices. If you have feedback on the recruiting or interview process, please email Your response will be shared directly with our people team and our founders.