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The Working at Rapyuta Vol.11 “Rapyuta’s Charm from a Young PhD’s Perspective”

Date: 10 Mar 2023
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The “Working at Rapyuta” series celebrates some of the best minds at Rapyuta Robotics. Through interviews with employees, we bring you the real story that you won’t find elsewhere.

Dmitrii Koldaev – Software Engineer

Born in Russia, Dmitrii came to Japan after graduating from university. He received his Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics from the Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology (OIST). While in school, he became an intern at Rapyuta Robotics and joined as a full-time employee in September 2022. Presently, as a software engineer, he is primarily managing software development for robots. While constantly facing new projects at work, he is also challenging himself to learn Japanese.

Entering the world of technology. Encountering Rapyuta accelerated the fun.

I originally studied applied mathematics at a university in Russia, where I earned a master’s degree. After graduation, I moved to Okinawa and enrolled in the Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology(OIST). My aunt lived in Japan, so I had been coming to Japan frequently since I was a child and I like this country. I chose to study at a university in Okinawa because it’s warm! It was also a very good school, but the climate played a big role.
There were people from many different countries in the school, so it was a very international environment. People come from a variety of backgrounds, and that is quite similar to the environment in Rapyuta today.

I found out about Rapyuta Robotics when I was looking for a company to intern with while I was still in school. I was looking at several companies that were involved in technology. I had some free time due to COVID-19, so I was studying software and automated driving technology on the Internet by myself. Rapyuta caught my interest because it had something in common with my experience learning about autonomous vehicles. I was pleasantly surprised when the interview process was completed in two weeks. I could feel that sense of speed and simplicity as an intern and I thought it was a very intriguing company.  I applied for a full-time position when I was finishing my Ph.D. and got an offer to join right after graduation.

Surrounded by new things, to learn and solve. Days full of ambition

I am currently on a new project as a software engineer. We have 8 members, including 3 interns. We are a very young team, including myself, but we are up to the challenge and communicate with various people regardless of background, age, or position.

The project I am currently working on is very ambitious. I think one of the challenges is to gain knowledge about more components of current software. Robotic systems are very complex and require people with different areas of expertise. However, I believe that a good understanding of each component is essential to create a better product. It’s tough because there are always a lot of challenges, but I want to actively learn and keep improving my skills while executing the mission.

A company that trusts and cares for each other

I am very motivated to work at Rapyuta Robotics not only because I enjoy my work, but also because of the culture and the comfortable environment in the company.
We have six core values that guide our decision-making process, and I like the concept of “openness” the best.
Rapyuta is very flat with no hierarchical relationships within the company.  I feel that everyone is trusted by the company, and I can see that each member trusts the other as well.

I also like the idea of “Simplicity”. 
We are a multinational company, so everyone seems to value the importance of communicating in simple language and making sure that others understand. 
Since Rapyuta Robotics is a company that promotes communication between robots, I feel this idea is very important. If we can communicate with each other in a simple language, we should also be able to make robots that can easily communicate with each other.
When I have a new idea, I think it is most important to stick with the basic principles to describe it. And to do so, we need to generate the concept in simple words and communicate it in a way that the other person can understand. Since we are in an international environment, I am always aware of this.

We have a meeting once a week with all the members, and we often talk about personal things as well. I believe it is a very good thing that we have an environment where you can be open. I sometimes go out to dinner with members after work. I think this kind of culture, where members can easily get to know each other, helps me in my work as well.

Also, I like the flexible work schedule. It is hot in the summer, so I go to the office early in the morning and head home early in the evening.  Early morning is the golden time for me to get work done because there is no one in the office so it’s a quiet and nice atmosphere.

Embrace the new and stick to the basics. Shape new ideas with those who want to challenge themselves.

The kind of person I would like to work with is someone open to new information and ideas and who sticks with the basic principles of realizing those ideas, which is a concept I value. 
Rapuyta Robotics is still a new company, and it is no exaggeration to say that everything we do is new, especially in the project I’m working on. Therefore, I think it is very important to have people who can accept and give shape to these new things. It would be very encouraging to have such a person join our team.

There are a lot of challenges, but the environment is rewarding and fun. I think that people who can communicate with people of various positions and nationalities and act spontaneously are a good match for our company.
It may seem difficult because you need to work with a lot of people in a multinational environment, but if you like a challenge and enjoy it, MENSOLE!(=” welcome” in Okinawan dialect) I’m sure you are! 

Let’s work together to bring new ideas to life.

We’re hiring!

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