Rapyuta Robotics Aligns IP With Core Product Line

Intellectual property (IP) plays a critical role in an organization’s lifecycle and is one of the key indicators to measure the performance of innovation. Rapyuta Robotics, an ETH Zurich spin-off with offices in Tokyo (Japan) and Bengaluru (India), enables our partners and consumers to build robotics solutions. We have created multiple products including the World’s first DevOps platform for cloud robotics-rapyuta.io, a pick-assist autonomous mobile robot (PA-AMR) solution, and an AMR software stack. Our goal is to innovate and empower lives with connected machines.  We aspire to develop cutting-edge technology aligned with the robotics industry’s dynamic requirements. At Rapyuta Robotics, IP is a crucial asset that validates our product quality and builds trust with our consumers, partners, and investors. 

With 18 US, 10 EU, and 8 JP applications, we continue to build our IP portfolio, focusing on protecting our core inventions. We have 11 granted US patents and are on course to receive our first JP and EU patents this year. Of the 36 patents filed, at least 16 are in the multi-robot coordination and collaboration domain. 

Now, let’s deep-dive into some of our granted patents. As mentioned earlier, we have a design patent, D904477, for our PA-AMR solution, and ten patent grants for the core product features of our cloud robotics DevOps platform, rapyuta.io. Patent US10,596,704 focuses on generating, simulating, and executing a reusable robotics solution for robots manufactured by different hardware manufacturers. This patent is aligned with our platform’s mission to help develop a customized robotics solution by integrating hardware and software components. 

Another patent, US10,800,042, centers on executing centralized and decentralized controlled plans. This fundamental patent enables the underlying framework of rapyuta.io to coordinate and collaborate with multiple autonomous mobile robots (AMRs). The patent involves controlling the plan execution for the heterogeneous AMRs, a non-deterministic polynomial-time hard problem (NP-hard problem). Patent US10,831,454, focuses on a device manager for managing a plurality of heterogeneous devices. 

We are also committed to expanding our business in the EU and JP. The EU and JP patent applications are related to inventions targeting communication systems, 2D navigation maps, congestion control, dynamically generated solutions for real-time operation scenarios, optimized route plans, etc. Moreover, we aim to protect the aesthetic design of our AMRs. For example, we have filed a design patent related to the retractable drawer of the AMR in the US extended to the EU, JP, and other countries. 

These inventions allow our customers and partners to build and deploy cloud robotics applications without worrying about the hardware and software complexities involved in securing the collaboration of multiple robots in an operating environment. We have also filed patents for navigation, route planning, congestion avoidance, dynamic strategies for multi-robot coordination, and deploying cloud applications.

At Rapyuta Robotics, we follow a rigorous and intensive harvesting procedure for filing high-quality inventions. These filings align with our core products and our business vision to deliver a single platform for our customer’s robotics needs. In addition, we are committed to continually improving and build confidence and trust in our products as we grow our business and create a robust IP portfolio. We are also part of the LOT Network, a global non-profit community of companies that protects LOT members against potential threats of costly patent troll litigation. 

As we advance our vision for the future, we are committed to making the life of warehouse associates safe and more enjoyable. We stand by our commitment to empower lives by leaving dull, dirty, and dangerous work to robots and allowing people to take up more rewarding and creative tasks. To date, we have completed 1.6M+ picks through our 70 AMRs in production at our client’s warehouses.  As this number grows, we hope so too will opportunities for human workers.

We look forward to partnering with you to develop new and effective robotics solutions!

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