Rapyuta Robotics, cloud robotics platform “rapyuta.io” form a business alliances with BIKEN TECHNO CORPORATION

January 22, 2021

To the press

Rapyuta Robotics Co. Ltd., (Chuo-ku, Tokyo; CEO: Gajan Mohanarajah; hereinafter “Rapyuta Robotics”), a provider of the cloud robotics platform “rapyuta.io” is pleased to announce that we have formed a business alliances with BIKEN TECHNO CORPORATION (Suita City, Osaka; President: Ryusei Kajiyama; hereinafter “Biken Techno”), a leading independent building maintenance company.

◾️Background and purpose of business alliances

Rapyuta Robotics brings flexibility and scalability to robotics. We develop and provide cloud robotics platform “rapyuta.io”, that excels at coordinating multiple robots and multiple types of robots, especially focusing on automation of warehouse logistics. As the first step to this platform concept, we commercialized a collaborative picking assistant robot (Autonomous Mobile Robot, AMR) for logistics warehouses in May 2020, which has been put into operation at three sites so far. We have formed a business alliance with the aim of utilizing the customer base of Biken Techno in order to make AMR available to more logistics sites in the future. In the future, we will strive for the further development and spread of cloud robotics by utilizing the facilities owned by Biken Techno and exploring the use of robots in various ways.

Supporting comment from Biken Techno
Comment from the president of BIKEN TECHNO CORPORATION, Mr. Ryusei Kajiyama:

Through the business alliance with Rapyuta Robotics, Biken Techno will be able to provide solutions to reduce cost for logistics warehouses in addition to building management. By utilizing the facilities owned by Biken Techno and exploring various ways to utilize robots with Rapyuta Robotics, we will not only provide new solutions, but also strive to further develop and spread cloud robotics.


Since its establishment in May 1963 as an independent general building maintenance company, Biken Techno has been actively engaged in the fields of cleaning, facility management, facility maintenance, sanitation (cleaning and sterilization of production line equipment in food factories), and has commercialized its unique know-how.
 With the keyword “Creation of Comfortable Environments”, we have been engaged in architectural design and construction, real estate management, and have become a solution supplier in the fields of medical, food, and housing environments, practicing the “Customer First” principle. Based on this know-how, we have been focusing on property management in recent years. We can efficiently manage your valuable building assets with our specialized technology and long years of know-how to increase asset value and reduce management costs. We also provide property management services that focus on improving the overall quality of the building and increasing revenue in order to generate higher rental income.

About Rapyuta Robotics Co., Ltd.

Rapyuta Robotics Co., Ltd. is a university spin-off from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH Zurich) in which a number of famous researchers including Einstein have graduated. With our vision, “make robots attainable and useful”, we are developing “rapyuta.io”, a state-of-art cloud robotics platform that utilizes the world’s most advanced control and artificial intelligent technologies. Our cloud robotics platform “rapyuta.io” enables large enterprises to centrally manage different kinds of robots and sensors, without having to control them individually. In addition, rapyuta.io eliminates the need to create system components from scratch, allowing users to focus on the development of technical areas in which they excel.
Our headquarters is based in Japan and provides automation solutions using robots, mainly to large companies.

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