Rapyuta Robotics was selected for the Innovation TOKYO project
― Generalize multi-robot coordination platform of logistics robots for SIers ―

January 21, 2021

To the press

Rapyuta Robotics Co. Ltd., (Koto-ku, Tokyo; CEO: Gajan Mohanarajah; hereinafter “We”), a provider of the Cloud robotics platform “rapyuta.io” are pleased to announce that we have been selected for the “Innovation Tokyo Project” sponsored by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government and will be working on the development of a multi-robot coordination platform for logistics robots.

While the logistics industry is facing a shortage of workers, demand continues to grow due to the rise of online shopping and the recent Coronavirus pandemic. Although Robotics can be a solution to these social issues, there are only a few robotics solutions which can be used in the field and their use has not yet matured. One of the reasons for this is the lack of robot SIers to build and provide robot solutions to end users.

Through this project, we will further develop and provide the Cloud robotics platform “rapyuta.io” which executes and generalizes multi-robot coordination (coordinate control of multiple robots) and simulation. This will allow SIers who are not familiar with robotics to build and implement robotics solutions easily. In addition, we are planning to provide training programs for SIers. This will lead to the rise in robotics SIers and help solve the social issue of labor shortage by aiming to realize a society where more logistics companies can utilize excellent robot solutions.
There are many obstacles to overcome before we can realize our vision of “Making robotics attainable and useful for anyone”, but we will continue to move forward so that we can get closer to that vision.

Overview of Innovation Tokyo Project
This program provides subsidies for part of the expenses necessary for start up companies and small to medium-sized enterprises in Tokyo to develop, improve, and conduct demonstrative experiments and to develop sales channels to commercialize the products through open innovation with other companies.

Project Theme:Development of Cloud robotics platform for multi-robot coordination of logistics robots

Overview of project:Labor shortage is an issue in the logistics industry, thus, the demand from the logistics industry is increasing and use of robots is inevitable. This project will:
(1) develop the coordination of multi-type of robots and link them with peripheral equipment
(2) develop the dunctions to perform simulations prior to the implementation
(3) improve the education environment for human resources (SIers, etc.) who are involved in system implementation to promote the introduction of robots in logistics sites and improve labor productivity

Project members:
  • Monoful Inc. (Monoful Inc. (Groupd companies to GLP Japan Inc. and propose robotics solutions to logistics companies)
  • IDEC FACTORY SOLUTIONS CORPORATION (Provide on-site robot integration services and know-how on robot safety measures)
  • Yaskawa Electric Corporation (Solution development)
  • Chalice corporation (Simulation function development)
  • Germany・University of Kassel (Multi-robot coordination, development of a distributed decision-making algorithm)
  • USA・Open Robotics(Non profit organization to develop and manage ROS)
  • France・Quantstack(Develop and provide interactive computing and development support tools)
  • USA・PickNik Consulting LLC(Develop and provide root planning for robotic arms)

About Rapyuta Robotics
Rapyuta Robotics Co., Ltd. is a university spin-off from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH Zurich) in which a number of famous researchers including Einstein have graduated. With our vision, “make robots attainable and useful”, we are developing “rapyuta.io”, a state-of-art cloud robotics platform that utilizes the world’s most advanced control and artificial intelligent technologies. Our cloud robotics platform “rapyuta.io” enables large enterprises to centrally manage different kinds of robots and sensors, without having to control them individually. In addition, rapyuta.io eliminates the need to create system components from scratch, allowing users to focus on the development of technical areas in which they excel. Our headquarters is based in Japan and provides automation solutions using robots, mainly to large companies.

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