Partner program is the foundation for our vision of building an open robotics ecosystem. Our partners play a significant role in our market strategy and our success. We grow when our partners grow, we succeed when our partners succeed.


Global network

Being a partner is just not about tangible monetary benefits. We will create communication channels between our partners and will also conduct special networking events that let you expand your horizon.

Exclusive consultation

We at Rapyuta Robotics strongly believe in spreading the good things and will consult partners and offer our unique experiences and perspectives to building scalable, flexible robotics solutions. We also give exclusive access to some of our services.

Ready to become a partner? Join us!

You're in good company

Rapyuta Robotics is a spinoff from RoboEarth, the first world-wide-web for robots
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Rapyuta Robotics is an official spinoff from ETH Zurich
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