How Pick Assist Robots are Maximizing Efficiency

Take a deep dive into the workings of a Pick Assist Robot, uncovering its features, functions, merits, safety precautions, and real-world accomplishments through the insights of an industry expert.

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Key Insights on PA-AMRs from the Article:

Our Pick Assist Solution

Rapyuta Robotics is a pioneer in warehouse automation. The Pick-Assist AMR Solution is an innovative offering by Rapyuta Robotics, one of the top warehouse robotics companies in the world. One of the major advantages of PA-AMR solution is that the installation can be done with no layout changes. It aims to increase your warehouse picking productivity by 2X.

Designed for human safety, it takes less than an hour to train warehouse associates on our intuitive user interface. The solution can also be integrated with any warehouse management systems (WMS) ensuring seamless operation with our autonomous warehouse robots.

Our automated multi-robot solution elevates the productivity of warehouse picking operation by minimizing the walking distance of the worker and eliminating inefficiencies. The autonomous warehouse robots navigate the warehouse, carrying orders, and collaborating with workers for order picking. The intiuitive UI guides what to pick and where to go next.

Touch Screen

Barcode Scanner



4 x Indication LED Lights

Patented retractable tray

Top Tray

Rapyuta PA-AMR

Basic information

Suitable warehouse

Our Line-Up

Pick Assist Robot

Rapyuta PA-AMR / XL

Autonomous Forklift

Rapyuta AFL


Rapyuta ASRS

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