WAREhouse Automation

Maximize your warehouse productivity with Rapyuta Robotics. We work with your existing warehouse configuration, and provide your logistics personnel with intuitive, real-time operations data and services to augment their workflow.


  • Increase your revenue through reduced staffing costs, reduced Total Cost of Operations (TCO) and increased operating hours and throughput.

  • Improve the quality, traceability, and accuracy of your orders by tracking loss and theft, reducing damage caused by manual handling, and reducing order completion time.

  • Improve employee satisfaction rates by having personnel focus on ergonomic, high-value tasks instead of repetitive manual labor.

Why US?

  • Turnkey, out-of-the-box solution No hassles making multi-vendor hardware and software work together; Rapyuta Robotics is your Single Point of Contact.

  • Actionable insights Our versatile, cloud-based technology integrates with your existing business systems to provide hands-free, just-in-time operational monitoring and oversight.

  • Flexibility and scale Easily adjust processes and throughput during peak periods without major capital expenditure.

  • No vendor lock-in.