io.drone (beta release)
Take your operational insight to a new level with a full service, expandable cloud-based drone solution that adapts to your business needs.

Drone on Cloud

io.drone is a cloud-based Operations, Administration and Management solution for drones.

Built on the cloud robotics platform, io.drone solution lets you easily integrate 3rd party applications and hardware as your business needs scale.

Plan Flight Remotely

On-Demand Self-service

define parameters for a flight mission (e.g. area, height, overlap) and automatically map out an efficient flight path for data collection & analysis.

Smart Data Collection

Ubiquitous Access

simple operation from executing the mission to transferring the data to the cloud. No need to be a professional drone pilot.

Subscription Based Pricing

Pay As You Go

with no surprise cost, you can choose your exact number of installations depending on your business needs.


Power of Cloud

Expand as your business needs scale diagram
Expand as your business needs scale 

io.drone is built on the, expandable Cloud Robotics platform.

  • Use programmatic APIs to command and collect data with the io.drone in order to streamline your business processes.
  • Integrate with 3rd party applications, robot hardware, and sensor packages as your business needs scale.
Built for the enterprise user image
Built for the enterprise user

io.drone offers unrivaled operational oversight without the cost, complexity, or risk associated with developing in-house solutions.

  • Plan & execute collection of aerial data in multiple locations, and seamlessly share the data with the rest of the organization.  
  • No need to be a trained drone pilot. Easily schedule, coordinate, and remotely deploy multiple drones in different locations using one simple interface.
Wrap around customer support diagram
Usage Based Pricing

Access io.drone on a simple pricing plan, based on usage.

  • Fixed monthly subscription for basic usage + additional cost based on amount of storage + computation utilized.  
  • With no surprise costs, you can better manage your operations, and scale your number of drone installations up or down depending on your business needs.


Optimize security of large areas and difficult-to-reach locations by using drone data to dispatch guards only when necessary.
Safely and efficiently inspect large complex structures such as oil & gas plants, dams and shipyards, or large areas such as as motorways, forests and coastlines. 
Reduce survey time and accurately capture data without getting your hands dirty.
Improve safety and keep projects on track with regular progress reporting.
Improve farming efficiency by combining real time data with historic trend analysis.
Emergency Response
Obtain real-time insights and make informed decisions from a safe remote location.

Compatible Drones

And much more

Other drones under testing

Rapyuta c.drone (under development)
Rapyuta c.drone is a fully autonomous drone that lets you easily integrate 3rd party applications and hardware as your business needs scale. The product is currently under development.