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Rapyuta robotics power of cloud robotics technology

We are building the first enterprise level, Cloud Robotics framework to help you optimize every stage of your product lifecycle. The challenge of developing a robotics business is that you have to be good at everything: software, hardware, interface design, system infrastructure, security, controls — not to mention marketing, supply chain management, sales, partnerships and regulation.

Rapyuta Robotics’ cloud platform dramatically reduces the cost, complexity, and risk of deploying, managing and interfacing with robotics systems so that you can focus on what you do best, no matter what part of the robotics stack your business focuses on. Developed by our team of world class robot hardware, software, and cloud specialists, our ‘full stack’ of integrated robot applications and services simplifies the job of getting robot hardware and software to play nicely together and reduces the need for custom middleware. In the end, this lets you develop end-to-end robotics solutions for your customers without needing your own ‘full stack’ of robotics expertise in house.

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