Gajamohan Mohanarajah

Co-founder and CEO

Rapyuta robotics Gajan Mohanarajah Rapyuta robotics Gajan Mohanarajah funny

The man with a big appetite. Gajan led the original Rapyuta Robotics, the RoboEarth Cloud Engine, and the Cubli projects. He obtained both a bachelor's degree and master's degree in Control and Systems Engineering from the Tokyo Institute of Technology, and later obtained a doctorate degree from ETH Zurich.

Arudchelvan Krishnamoorthy

Co-founder and COO

Rapyuta robotics Arudchelvan Krishnamoorthy Rapyuta robotics Arudchelvan Krishnamoorthy funny

Simultaneously COO, CFO, and business developer, Arul was the one man show who brought the company from its inception all the way through to Series-A. Prior to this, he was an Equity Derivatives Strategist at Nomura Holdings, and later co-founder and CIO of Fund of Tokyo. He obtained a Master's degree in Mathematics of Finance at Columbia University, and a bachelor's degree in Control and Systems Engineering from the Tokyo Institute of Technology.


Airi Kikuyama

Senior Administrator

Rapyuta robotics Airi Kikuyama Rapyuta robotics Airi Kikuyama funny

Mother of Ich-chan, bringer of fruit, runner of the office, first of her name. Airi was previously a newscaster at NHK Japan Broadcasting Corporation. She has a Bachelor of Arts degree from Sophia university.

Alankrita Pathak

Cloud Software Engineer

Rapyuta robotics Alankrita Pathak Rapyuta robotics Alankrita Pathak funny

The coder that broke our evaluation scale, Alankrita is our new gold standard for data structures and algorithms expertise. She was previously a software developer at Adobe Systems and She holds a Bachelor of Technology degree from the Indian Institute of Information Technology, Allahabad.

Bharat Khatri

Cloud Software Engineer

Rapyuta robotics Bharat Khatri Rapyuta robotics Bharat Khatri funny

Full-stack engineering for him means machine learning, cryptocurrencies, and the Marvel universe. Bharat was previously a senior R&D engineer at He holds a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from the Indian Institute of Technology, Guwahati.

Christof Dubs

Control Systems Engineer

Rapyuta robotics Christof Dubs Rapyuta robotics Christof Dubs funny

Whether it's soccer balls or quadrotors, Christof keeps things under control. He previously worked on Cubli and completed both a bachelor's and master's degree in Mechanical engineering from ETH Zurich.

Daiki Maekawa

Robot Navigation Engineer

Rapyuta robotics Daiki Maekawa Rapyuta robotics Daiki Maekawa funny

His keystrokes have been compared to thunderbolts and hammer blows, Daiki led his team to victory at the 2014 RoboCup world championships. He holds a Bachelor of Robotics degree from the Chiba Institute of Technology.

Deep Chaitanya

Web Frontend Engineer

Rapyuta robotics Chaitanya Deep Rapyuta robotics Chaitanya Deep funny

Deep is the guy building the user interface connecting Rapyuta Robotics’ cool technology with the users. Also popular for his talent in UI design. He previously worked for InLogg. Outside of work, Deep enjoys riding his bike, reading books and of course, a cold beer!

Dhananjay Sathe

Cloud Software Engineer

Rapyuta robotics Dhananjay Sathe Rapyuta robotics Dhananjay Sathe funny

His mission: to liberate the robots of the world with a better cloud. Dhananjay was previously a Senior Operations Engineer at Directi and before that was a contributor of the original Rapyuta Robotics, the RoboEarth Cloud Engine, as well as He obtained a bachelor's degree in Electronics and Instrumentation engineering from the Birla Institute of Technology and Science.

Gautham Manoharan

Junior Software Engineer

Rapyuta robotics Gautham Manoharan Rapyuta robotics Gautham Manoharan funny

Another of our myriad ETH graduates, Gautham has a special ability to categorize all bugs as either readily solvable or previously unrecognized features. Like other Rapyutians, Gautham has competed in Robocup and a penchant for Japanese anime. He’s a tireless worker, unless you put him in a car, where he can instantaneously enter low power mode.

Hendrik Skubch

Senior Software Engineer

Rapyuta robotics Hendrik skubch Rapyuta robotics Hendrik skubch funny

Previously at Square Enix, where he was known as “Hendrik from AI”, Hendrik now works on Rapyuta Robotics’ SRE team, where he is still known as “Hendrik from AI”. Completing his doctorate at the University of Kassel, Hendrik’s CV includes the likes of Final Fantasy XV, Robocup and walking on his feet (to varying degrees of success).

Hiromi Nemoto

Mechatronics Engineer

Rapyuta robotics Hiromi nemoto Rapyuta robotics Hiromi nemoto funny

From prototypes to production, Hiromi is our Croc-wearing electronics wizard. He was previously at Sony, where he led the development of several consumer product lines. He obtained both a bachelor's and master's degree from Keio University, and was a visiting researcher at EPFL.

Hitesh Sethi

Software Engineer

Rapyuta robotics Hitesh Sethi Rapyuta robotics Hitesh Sethi funny

Hitesh has special talent in building awesome backend applications. He loves going deep into technology, and is currently working on developing the core applications supporting our cloud robotics platform. He previously worked for CouponDunia where he worked on an android app for last minute hotel deals, so ask him for great places to stay. Outside of work, Hitesh enjoys cooking and a cold beer or two!

Jaffer Geo

Drone Pilot

jaffer_geo jaffer_geo_funny
From Anna University in India, Jaffer is a professional drone pilot that helps Rapyuta Robotics get off the ground. Jaffer likes to play Android games in his free time.

Josh Kumar

Front-end Engineer

Rapyuta robotics Josh Kumar Rapyuta robotics Josh Kumar funny

Less than 48 hours after his interview, he was hired. Josh previously worked as a software developer at JPMorgan Chase & Co. He completed his bachelor's degree in Electronics and Instrumentation engineering from the Birla Institute of Technology and Science.

Kai Matsuda

Chief Financial Officer

Rapyuta robotics Kai Matsuda Rapyuta robotics Kai Matsuda funny

"Show me the money~!!"... as the CFO, Kai is always on the watch for our financial state. He previously worked at freee, helping to raise USD 40 M in series-C, Goldman sachs, TIAA-CREF, and JPMorgan. He obtained a bachelor's degree in law from Keio University and an MBA from Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University.

Kiyoshi Tomotsune


Kiyoshi's carrier might be the longest one in the company- and he brings that much of a value to the company. As a specialist of risk management, he has been supporting tech startups for IPOs as an auditor. Kiyoshi joined Rapyuta Robotics to boost the robotics innovation.

Masanori Hane


Rapyuta robotics Masanori Hane Rapyuta robotics Masanori Hane

Masa has been with us from the beginning…  as a certified accountant, at one time, he managed our accounting books, in other times, he served as our board member, and now, he shares his wisdom as our auditor. Masa is a golf fanatic and is dreaming to play in tour one day...

Mahdi Asadpour

Senior Software Engineer

Rapyuta robotics Mahdi Asadpour Rapyuta robotics Mahdi Asadpour funny

The pensive programmer. Mahdi was a research developer of Swarmix and the Distributed Flight Array. He obtained a bachelor's degree from Sharif University of Technology, then both a master's and doctorate degree from ETH Zurich.

Meera Rao

Recruitment & Back Office Mgr

Rapyuta robotics Meera rao Rapyuta robotics Meera rao funny

The almighty Meera, not only plays a key recruiter role in hiring the best talent in India, she also ensures the best working environment as the office manager for our Bangalore office. Having previously worked for Xitadel and QuEST Global, she is also a busy mother of her young son outside of work.

Niranjan Subramanian

Product Manager

niranjan_subramanian niranjan_subramanian_funny
Niranjan is our very own Product Manager with philosophical inclination (whatever that means!!). He has a bachelor's degree in engineering from Vellore Institute of Technology and has previously worked for Microsoft and Dell EMC. Books and Football make him happy!

Praveen Ramanujam

Robotics System Engineer

Praveen Ramanujam Praveen Ramanujam

"As long as I get to work on mobile robots, I will be there!" Deal! Praveen previously held positions at Mujin, the German Aerospace Centre (DLR), and Robert Bosch. He has a master's degree in computer science from Bonn Rhein-Sieg University of Applied Sciences and a bachelor's degree in engineering from Tamilnadu College of Engineering.

Ryo Mori

Head of Robotics Platform Business

“Customer Success” is Ryo’s mission with his background in both of marketing and finance. Most recently, he was leading one of the marketing program in APAC region at Google. Previously, he worked for Morgan Stanley and a startup. He holds degrees from University of North Carolina (BA) and UCLA (MBA). In his senior year in the university, he won the national basketball championship (as a fan...).

Satoshi Uejima

Sales & Partner Enablement

Satoshi's wanted to create a world where anyone can utilize robots easily, and he joined Rapyuta Robotics. He has previously led the service development team in Global Logistic Properties, and worked for Prologis and Japan's one of the biggest insurance companies. He is acrophobic, but likes to challenge himself by alpine climbing...

Satoshi Yamamoto

Direct Sales Executive

Satoshi is aspired to revolutionize the world with cloud robotics. With his former exprience at the drone manufacturer DJI, he will help Rapyuta Robotics make its vision into a reality.

Seiji Yoshikawa

Senior Financial Controller

Rapyuta robotics Seiji Yoshikawa Rapyuta robotics Seiji Yoshikawa funny

Seiji is the man working behind the scenes to make sure that our business is rock solid. With his good sense of humor he makes the scary world of finance into something more approachable. He formerly worked for Deloitte, Toyota and EY etc, and is an expert in tax, accounting and business process improvement. Outside of work, he enjoys playing the trumpet, cooking, and scuba diving.

Takafumi Tsuruta

Legal Counsel

Takafumi is a lawyer interested in emerging technologies that would change the world for the better. As the in-house counsel of Rapyuta, he will be a dedicated guardian for all Rapyutian and stakeholders. He has working experience in several law firms and companies as well as a government. He holds degrees in Kyoto University (LL.B.) and Hitotsubashi University (J.D.).

Tan Kian Siang

Procurement & SCM Manager

kian_siang_tan kian_siang_tan_funny
Tan has a degree from Mechanical Engineering at National University of Singapore. Having experience at AB Volvo & Solar Frontier, Tan will be making sure that Rapyuta Robotics gets the best in the world! As Tan says: Procurement = Shopping = Cheaper is better!

Vivek Bagade

Cloud Software Engineer

Rapyuta robotics Vivek Bagade Rapyuta robotics Vivek Bagade funny

Distributed systems and chomping down milliseconds of the latency is his thing. He loves playing soccer and retro pokemon games when he’s not busy being  a full time Manchester United fanboy.

Wenzheng Li

Robotics Software Engineer

Rapyuta robotics Wenzheng Li Rapyuta robotics Wenzheng Li funny

He used to sleep in a van, and he came to Japan with nothing but an ergonomic keyboard and a pocketful of dreams. Previously at Nest Labs, he obtained a Bachelor of Applied Science from the University of Waterloo.

Yanghuang Pu

Electrical Engineer

Yanghuang is our "drone crash analyst", he is always trying to find out the hints from mountains of data. He was working and Delphi Automotive for more than 4 years, and now focusing on making the robot hardware to an "automotive level", he obtained a master's degree in Automotive Engineering from Tongji University.

Yu Okamoto

Control Systems Engineer

Rapyuta robotics Yu Okamoto Rapyuta robotics Yu Okamoto funny

Domestic animals and children make him anxious, but he finds no greater pleasure than making robots jump through hoops. Yu previously worked at Yasukawa Electric Corporation and obtained a master's degree (skipping a year!) from the Tokyo Institute of Technology.

Yusuke Matsumoto

External Director

Rapyuta robotics Yusuke Matsumoto Rapyuta robotics Yusuku Matsumoto

Yusuke’s words are quiet but powerful. As our main investors, Yusuke sits on the board of director, bringing us insights from other tech start-ups of the world.

Yoichi Matsumoto

Director of Industry Solutions

team_empty_background team_empty_background
Yoichi has been consistently engaging in businesses in the fields of connecting things and leading to new service creation for a quarter of a century. After researching and developing wireless broadband communication systems at NTT/R&D, Yoichi also worked for several foreign-affiliated companies as Japan GM/Director. He earned MS in University of Tokyo (Mechanical Engineering), MS from Stanford University (Electrical Engineering) and Ph.D. in Engineering from University of Tokyo.

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