Global competition, disruptive new technologies/business models, and diverse customer requirements: this can be challenging. Along with our diverse partners, we will help you overcome your challenges with future-proof solutions around, our cloud robotics platform.

What sets us apart

Holistic approach

We take a big-picture view of your challenges, analyze them from all directions - mechanical design, software algorithms to user experience and business models, and build a comprehensive solution.

Open standards

We use and recommend open standards. Open standards form the basis for horizontal and vertical integration of hardware and software components from various suppliers.

Flexible systems

We accept that everything changes. We build systems where people, robots, and processes can be easily connected and can quickly adapt to ever-changing requirements.

People as key players

We bet on a future where people and robots co-work and complement each other. Our solutions put people as key players, give flexibility, increase ROI, and make them applicable to the SMEs.

Our focus areas

Multi-robot coordination

Why multi-robot coordination?

'.. together we can do so much' applies to robots too. A team of robots is more robust than a complex monolithic robot. It allows for easy integration of new capabilities, and can increase the coverage of the workspace.


Operating a team comes along with its own challenges. The team has to coordinate, react coherently to dynamic changes, and compensate for incapacitated members. All of this has to be handled at runtime, over lossy networks and in an adaptive and distributed manner.

Why us?

From RoboEarth to RoboCup Soccer we’ve been taming robotic teams for more than a decade. Armed with our diverse experiences we have and with the following tools we are building, we can help you develop a comprehensive multi-robot solution:

  • ALICA(A Language for Interactive Cooperative Agents) provides a comprehensive framework for modeling and execution behavior for teams of autonomous robots
  • provides a robust, scalable, and secure infrastructure for communication and distributed software lifecycle management

Robot navigation

Why navigation?

The ability to move from one location to the other in a safe and timely manner is a fundamental requirement of any ground robot.


Most solutions require significant changes to the environment (e.g., magnetic tapes) and fall short when it comes to scalability, flexibility, and robustness in dynamic environments.

Why us?

Instead of searching for a single approach, we focus on multiple approach. We use multiple approach, e.g. onboard sensor, enviromental installed sensor for robust, flexibility and dynamic environment requirement. And We also leverage cloud technologies to make the solutions scalable and cost-effective.

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