rapyuta.io is the first enterprise class cloud robotics platform. rapyuta.io focuses on removing all the complexities and inefficiencies and makes it intuitive and easy to build and manage robotic solutions. With rapyuta.io you can completely skip reinventing-the-wheel tasks and focus on the business needs of your customers.


Jumpstart your development

rapyuta.io abstracts all the infrastructure complexities and provides out-of-the-box services that will let you jump right into the business end of the robotics solutions development.

Increase operational efficiencies

rapyuta.io will let you deal with the “software is eating the world” age by letting you efficiently build and manage the end to end lifecycle of robotic solutions.

Play to your strengths

The state of the art service and device catalog enables an open ecosystem for robotic solution development that lets you concentrate on your strengths.

Don't reinvent the wheel

Why reinvent the wheel when you can pick and partner with the best in the business for your robotics solutions development.

What comes out of the box


  • Provides you a ROS compatible messaging framework - optimised, fully managed, zero configuration.
  • Lets you gain immediate connectivity between all your robots, your edge, and the cloud.
  • Enables a fleet of robots to collaborate and work together by sharing data and learning from each other.

Device management

  • Built with the state-of-the-art container technology, it lets you easily manage software updates to the robots operating in the field remotely.
  • Lets you minimize downtime and deploy large scale solutions with confidence.
  • Provides remote debug and observation capabilities right from your favourite web browser.

Container based CI-CD framework

  • Lets you treat your device deployments on par with cloud deployments.
  • Enables faster development cycles and turnaround times for operational issues.
  • Lets you natively build in the cloud for resource constrained ARM devices.

Logging and metrics

  • Gives you a scalable and unified framework for logs/metrics collection from multiple devices and cloud.
  • Lets you monitor the health of your distributed robotics solution in real time.
  • Enables predictive maintenance and facilitates movement to an agile operations mode.

Service and device catalog

  • Helps avoid reinventing the wheel with reusable services.
  • Enables cross-pollination of different hardware and software components.
  • Creates new distribution channel and monetization opportunities.
Build-it-all-yourself approach in the robotics solution development is not only time consuming but also stifles innovation. rapyuta.io is the first brave step towards new world robotics solution development

You're in good company

Rapyuta Robotics is a spinoff from RoboEarth, the first world-wide-web for robots
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Rapyuta Robotics is an official spinoff from ETH Zurich
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