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Layered Architecture

  • Computation Layer – Build, ship, monitor, and control distributed applications running on any machine anywhere.
  • Communications Layer – Secure and scalable machine-to-machine and machine-to-cloud communication with ROS compatibility.
  • Machine Layer – Monitor the machine and manage the onboard software – remotely via API or Web UI.

Use Case: Pick Assist AMR solution at one of Japan's top 3PL players

'we went from idea to production in less than half the time and half the team size compared to our competitors' - Engineering Lead

Machine Layer

The Machine layer provides a digital representation of your robots, edge, and other automation equipment. Collect logs and metrics from your distributed machines in one single location to monitor and manage them. Use the APIs to build your custom dashboards and connect to your analytics software. Built using technologies that power modern data-center and with some awesome user experiences such as one-click deployments. Let managing your machines be the least of your worries.

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Meticulous yet simple monitoring

Monitor key metrics of your devices from anywhere in the world. Leverage’s clean and minimal UI to present data that is digestible in a glance - without physically plugging in to your device.

Bring your own tools to extend

If you need a more comprehensive view or do an in-depth analysis, we support the integration of open-source visualization tools like Grafana.

Efficient management of your robots

Save on time and resources, efficiently manage your devices - configure your device’s parameters at scale or individually, regardless of where they are, with our patented configuration tool. You don’t have to deploy engineers on-site for operational tweaks.

Remote debugging tools

Take control of your devices with our powerful patented Secure Shell for swift debugging.

Communication Layer

The communication layer provides a secure and scalable robot-to-robot and robot-to-cloud communication. Use your familiar ROS interfaces, the de facto middleware in robotics, complemented with compression, QoS, and priorities, to build enterprise-grade robotics applications that scale. Leverage intuitive configurations and powerful UIs to create any communication topology that fits the needs of your solution.

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ROS compatible messaging

Computation Layer

The computation layer provides a streamlined set of services for automating the build, deployment, scaling, and management of your distributed software. With a unified and standardized tooling across the robots and cloud, out of the box ROS support, enable your developers to focus on creating the best value to your customers, not on the intricacies of infrastructure. Make your operations more remote and increase your margins with powerful Web UIs and extendable APIs.

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