A steadfast belief that robotics can help solve the world’s toughest operational problems. An earnest desire to make robotics technology more readily accessible for the greater good. A platform that unites global cutting edge robotics expertise across hardware, software, and the cloud.

Rapyuta Robotics has its origins in RoboEarth an ambitious research initiative to develop a “world wide web for robots” where different kinds of robots can offload computationally heavy data processing to the cloud, and share maps and other information to speed up robot learning. But though RoboEarth was the first to prove the concept of cloud robotics in a laboratory setting, it took a whole team of hardware, software, and cloud engineers weeks of around-the-clock troubleshooting to get a demo involving just two robots to work as planned. If cloud robotics were to live up to its real potential, it would have to be much simpler and easier to use.

In 2013, the developers of RoboEarth’s infrastructure teamed up Tokyo-based business financiers to figure out how to make Cloud Robotics not just a possibility, but a commercial reality even for people with minimal robotics expertise. Building on the willingness of Japanese companies to invest early in game-changing technology and their desire for full-service solutions, Rapyuta Robotics launched in Tokyo, working closely with Japanese co-development partners to dramatically reduce the cost and complexity of deploying, managing and interfacing with robotics systems and on-demand services. Complimentary offices in Zurich and Bengaluru allow Rapyuta Robotics to build international clientele and leverage the best hardware, software and cloud infrastructure expertise globally.



April 2005

A meeting of Like minds

Rapyuta robotics story meeting of like minds

Gajan Mohanarajah (now Rapyuta Robotics' CEO) and Arudchelvan Krishnamoorthy (now Rapyuta Robotics' COO) meet in Tokyo while studying controls and systems engineering on scholarship from the Japanese government.


January 2010

RoboEarth, "the world wide web for robots"

Rapyuta robotics story roboearth 2010

Gajan joins the EU-based RoboEarth research consortium, where he leads the development of the RoboEarth cloud engine at ETH Zurich, along with his students Dominique Hunziker (now Rapyuta Robotics' CTO) and Dhananjay Sathe (now Rapyuta Robotics' Platform Lead). RoboEarth aims to be the first “world wide web for robots”.


January 2010

The mechatronics connection

Rapyuta robotics story mechatronics Gajan Raymond
Rapyuta robotics story Gajan Christof at ETH Zurich

Gajan meets Raymond Oung (now Rapyuta Robotics' Systems Engineer) and Christof Dubs (now Rapyuta Robotics' Control System Engineer) while working at Raffaello D’Andrea’s lab at ETH Zurich. The lab is known for developing control systems for novel mechatronic devices such as the Cubli and the Distributed Flight Array.


December 2011

Rapyuta gets inspiration for its name

Gajan calls RoboEarth’s cloud robotics platform “Rapyuta” in honour of his favorite anime movie, Castle in the Sky.


November 2013

A business idea is born

Gajan and Arudchelvan reconnect in Tokyo, where Gajan is organizing a cloud robotics workshop. The two are inspired to start a company that “empowers lives with connected machines”.


January 2014

Roboearth Demo

Rapyuta robotics story roboearth demo 2014

RoboEarth team demonstrates that robots with different hardware can offload computationally heavy data processing to the cloud, and share maps, object models and task descriptions to speed up robot learning.


July 2014

Official Company Launch

Rapyuta Robotics

Rapyuta Robotics is officially registered in Japan.


November 2014

Rapyuta Robotics spins out of ETH

Rapyuta robotics story eth zurich spinoff

Rapyuta Robotics becomes an official ETH spin-off under the name Rapyuta Research AG.


January 2015

$3M seed funding

Rapyuta robotics story seed funding

Rapyuta Robotics raises almost $3M in seed funding led by Cyberdyne Inc. to build its Zurich-based engineering team.


September 2016

$10M Series A

Rapyuta robotics story sbi investment

Rapyuta Robotics raises $10M in Series A funding led by SBI Investments Co. Ltd. to expand its engineering and business development capabilities.


April 2017

Rapyuta Robotics selected for SoftBank Innovation Program

Rapyuta robotics story softbank innovation program

SoftBank provides funding and market intelligence to support the prototyping, development and market testing of Rapyuta Robotics’ cloud-based drone solution for enterprise.