[press release] Announcing CTI support of around USD 500k for Rapyuta Core

Press release : October 25, 2017

Some scientific collaborations, like marriages, are matches made in heaven. Our relationship with Prof. Thomas Michael Bohnert's group (ICCLab/SPLab) at the Zurich University of Applied Sciences is one of them. It was a perfect fit right from the start.

We have been working with the group for almost a year discussing the challenges of building an enterprise-level cloud robotics platform and some potential solutions. Thomas’ group consists of around 30 members including academic staff, research engineers, and research students playing an active role in the Swiss Cloud Community and making significant contributions to the OpenStack platform. The group focuses in the areas of Cloud Computing (Infrastructure/platforms ) and Service Prototyping and has placed particular emphasis on transferring results from applied research into product innovation. Respect!

Today we are happy to announce that the Commission of Technology and Innovation of Switzerland has agreed to provide approximately USD 500k to Thomas’ group in order to help us turn our vision of enterprise-grade cloud robotics platform “into a marketable innovation quickly”. Dr. Giovanni Toffetti will lead this collaboration from their side.

Another great piece of news is that the results of our collaboration will be released as a part of our open source product, Rapyuta Core - look for it in early 2017.

This collaboration is guaranteed to help us provide our beloved robotics community with a robust platform to connect and ride the waves of the cloud revolution. Stay tuned!

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