The potential of cloud robotics: A ROSCon lightning talk by Rapyuta Robotics

Blog post : October 17, 2016

November already!? Last month, you may have seen some Rapyutians wandering the streets of Seoul, South Korea. They were not lost, nor were they there by coincidence. As a matter of fact, ROSCon was the event that brought Alankrita, Bharat, Connor, Dhananjay, Daiki, Gajan, Javier, Jose and Praveen away from their desks to the Korean metropolis.

For the uninitiated, ROSCon is the annual gathering for developers and users of ROS (Robot Operating System) alike, where new features and derived projects are showcased and discussed over the course of two days. They say birds of a feather flock together, and nowhere is that more true than at ROSCon, where Rapyutians got the opportunity to catch up with colleagues, classmates, and professors alike.

We learned a lot from the numerous enlightening presentations, thoughtful discussions and post-Korean BBQ debates. Though it almost goes without saying, huge thanks to OSRF (Open Source Robotics Foundation) for organizing the event and all the hard work they’ve poured into ROS and Gazebo over the years.

Here is the video of Dhananjay's Lightning Talk at ROSCon:

ROSCon 2016 Seoul Day 1 Lightning Talk: Rapyuta RoboticsOSRF on Vimeo.

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