Making robotics accessible: Slush Tokyo 2017 Startup Event

Blog post : April 4, 2017

Tokyo, Japan - Robotics technology is advancing daily, but practically speaking, real world applications for robotics are limited because the technology is still far too complex for most businesses to take up. This March Rapyuta Robotics CEO Gajan Mohanarajah took the stage at Slush Tokyo, one of the world’s largest startup events. The theme of his presentation: Making robots broadly accessible.

Gajan spoke about the well-known hurdles that are preventing the widespread use of robotic systems -- improving mobility, reducing size and weight and improving power consumption, the need to interact safely with humans, and the need to localize and make sense of the world around them. Advances in sensing, computation, algorithms, mapping and localization are all helping to solve these problems. 

However, integrating these solutions into a single system that is easy to interact with presents an entirely different kind of problem, especially for businesses that want to take advantage of robotics technology.

Gajan describes how Rapyuta Robotics’ cloud platform and ecosystem is paving the way for robotics to penetrate into entirely new markets by simplifying how businesses deploy and interact with robotics systems, and by enabling software developers who are not experts in robotics to develop robot software and applications.

Check out Gajan’s presentation here.

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