We’re Hiring

With a recent infusion of $10M in Series A funding led by SBI Investments, and a partnership with Softbank to fund and facilitate prototyping and market testing, we are looking for new team members with expertise in software, hardware, cloud infrastructure,  and business to help us grow. If you are passionate, talented, and want to use your skills to make a difference, we want to hear from you.

  • Empower lives with connected machines   Robotics technology may be improving quickly, but integrating and managing all the necessary hardware and software is still too hard for most businesses. At Rapyuta Robotics, we are leveraging the power of the cloud to transform technologies that were once considered too complex, difficult, or expensive to implement, into easy-to-use, seamless solutions that empower users and let them to focus on the big picture. Be part of a team that is making a real difference in helping companies improve their business processes and insight using autonomous solutions.
  • Help launch the cloud robotics revolution  Our founders were part of the world class RoboEarth research team that was the first to demonstrate the power of cloud robotics in a laboratory setting. Now our team of hardware, software, and cloud infrastructure engineers have teamed up with an application-minded business experts to develop the first enterprise-level platform-as-a-service framework for robotics.
  • Push the limits of mechatronic systems  Members of our team led the development of some of the most innovative mechatronic systems out there, including the Cubli and the Distributed Flight Array. We are using this know-how to push the agility and lower the cost of our hardware while keeping our systems robust.
  • Grow your career in a diverse and supportive team environment   At Rapyuta Robotics, we are creating a platform  that unites and simplifies the interaction of hardware, software and the cloud infrastructure, which means our team is technically diverse and transdisciplinary by necessity. When solving tough problems, we set aside assumptions and personal bias, and focus instead on using first-principles and open communications to find  simple and elegant solutions. With offices in Japan, Switzerland, and India, our team is culturally diverse too. Work with top talent from around the world while you grow your skills and your career in one of the most exciting and promising areas of technology.

Sound like a good fit for you? Check out the job postings and submit your application!