Rapyuta robotics hardware developers

Hardware Developers

Are you an expert in electro mechanical systems, and want to open up your hardware to new applications?

Rapyuta robotics software developers

Enabling Algorithm Developers

Are you an expert in robotics or other enabling algorithms (such as AI, image analysis, computer vision) and want to empower others to efficiently build intelligent applications?

Rapyuta robotics robotics application developers

Robotics Application Developers

Are you an expert in a specific application area (such as security, logistics, health) and want to bring robotics into your domain?

Cloud Robotics

An ecosystem built by developers for developers

Rapyuta Robotics is working to bring the next generation of cloud-enabled intelligent machines to businesses worldwide. Our world-class team of hardware, software and cloud infrastructure engineers have a history of innovating in the fields of robotics, including RoboEarth - the world's first demonstration of cloud robotics in action.

If you are a developer of robot hardware, algorithms or applications, we can help you to:

Reach new markets

Rapyuta robotics reach new markets

Bring more value to customers

Rapyuta robotics bring value to customers

Join the cloud robotics revolution

Rapyuta robotics join the cloud revolution


Accepted applicants to this exclusive program will work directly with the engineers of Rapyuta Robotics to onboard their hardware and/or develop their algorithms and applications. With your diverse set of use cases, you will play a pivotal role in validating our pioneering Cloud Robotics platform. Let's us know your big-hairy-audacious idea -- we'll get back you with a plan.