Future-proof Robotics Transformation

Robotics can sometimes be daunting. Let us help you navigate the challenges and build business resilience. We act as an extension of your team to help you adopt new technologies and transform processes.
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Tailor a consulting engagement to address your unique challenges

Using approaches designed to adapt to your needs, our team specializes in a number of key areas that can impact your business.

Automate your Hardware

Are you a hardware manufacturer who is looking to enhance your hardware’s capabilities?

We will team up with you to decide on the necessary sensor configurations, embedded systems, control strategy, and high-level interfaces. Leverage our diverse experience in automating and our ready to use navigation and motion planning components to have an accelerated and efficient execution.

Co-ordinate your robots

Does your solution require you to coordinate multiple different types of robots and automation systems?

We will team up with you to architect a scalable and flexible solution to meet your customer demands based on rapyuta.io’s infrastructure layer

Embrace modern DevOps for robotics

Are you building a new robotics team or looking to scale your robotics operations?

Our team will work with you to improve your processes around development, software delivery, and operations, building in the flexibility you need to meet evolving business demands.

Pursue Digital Transformation

Do you have an idea or a need to automate your business operations?

Turn your idea  into a reality by collaborating with us to define the problem, do a thorough analysis including ROI simulations, find appropriate suppliers and system integrators, and a flawless execution powered by rapyuta.io.

Meet the People

Meet some of our experts who could help you refine your process and harness the potential of new and existing technologies.
Praveen Ramanujam
Engineering Lead

The Ramanujam of robots! Praveen has got his hands dirty with almost all kinds of robots - drones, robot arms, AMRs, and forklifts. On top of that he is our role model for customer empathy. Prior to Rapyuta Praveen was at BOSCH, DLR, Mujin, and Bonn-Rhein-Sieg University of Applied Sciences.

Shaishav Kumar
Engineering Manager

Shaishav is your cloud computing expert and evangelist. Along with his love for robots and great business acumen, he is your go to person for transforming your robotics DevOps. Prior to Rapyuta, Shaishav was at Microsoft Research, IIT Bombay, and doing a ton of entrepreneurial activities.

Takayuki Kobori
Business Development Manager

Kobori is your go to person if you're thinking of the digital transformation in the logistics domain. With the experience of pioneering PA-AMR solutions in Japan and setting up Amazon Fresh in Japan, he will help you navigate the rough waters of digital transformation.

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