Accelerate your AMR solutions!

The AMR Starter Package is a set of preconfigured hardware and software components on to boost your development speed and let you focus on your customer and bigger problems. The package comes out of the box with a 60 kg payload field-tested AMR. With support for more types and bring-your-own-hardware around the corner, this is your future proof foundation for AMR solutions!

Field-tested lidar localization and navigation

deploy robots without any changes to your environment, map with one robot, and instantly share it with all the other robots

State of the art multi-robot coordination

Avoid obstacles dynamically, Use smart routing algorithms to handle multiple robots and process constraints, Leverage patented auto-generation algorithm for node generation - scalable infrastructure

Build on top of scalable software infrastructure that brings automation and remote management to your application lifecycle significantly driving down your operations cost

Use Case: Pick Assist AMR solution at one of Japan's top 3PL players

'Previously, picking involved pushing a cart back and forth through the warehouse while holding the picklist and the handheld terminal. Now, all you have to do is walk where AMR is parked, pick what you see on the screen, and put it in the cart. It kind of looks like I'm just wandering around, and we sometimes feel guilty about it.' - Nippon Express Co. Ltd.

Application: Warehousing

Meet the increasing demands and complexity of this industry growing 20% year on year despite worker shortages

Application: Manufacturing

Unleash the power of the flexibility with AMRs while not compromising on reliability and safety at our manufacturing site

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