Company Retreat

November 05, 2016 (Sat) by Rapyuta Robotics

The Rapyuta Robotics team has seen a lot of growth since this time last year, and given the distance between our three office, we thought it was a good time for some face-to-face interaction. To that end, the Zurich and Bangalore teams headed to the airport and flew to Tokyo for the first ever Company Retreat.

Rapyutians spent four days in the Kawaguchiko area near Mount Fuji, participating in various activities to improve communication, planning and teamwork. In addition to workshops and presentations, we got to experience Japanese culture through a field trip to Odawara castle and a Houtou (ほうとう) making class. We even managed to enjoy the great outdoors, spending the afternoon paddling canoes around the lake and trying to shoot each other (see below).

Additionally, we were fortunate enough to have V-Cube founder and CEO Naoaki Mashita give a talk on the origins of his company. As a startup, it’s critical for us to learn from the successes (and mistakes) of others in order to survive. We are extremely grateful to have had the opportunity to listen.

RR Company Retreat - 2016


Company Retreat
November 05, 2016 (Sat)

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November 05, 2016 (Sat)

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